QorIQ® T1042 and T1022 Multicore Communications Processors

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QorIQ T1040/20 and T1042/22 Communication Processors

QorIQ T1040/20 and T1042/22 Communication Processors


Core Complex

  • Two or four e5500 cores, built on Power Architecture technology
  • Up to 1.4 GHz with 64-bit ISA support
  • Three levels of instructions: user, supervisor, hypervisor
  • Hybrid 32-bit mode to support legacy software and transition to a 64-bit architecture
  • 256 KB backside L2 cache

Networking Elements

  • SerDes
    • Eight lanes at up to 5 Gbps
    • Supports SGMII, QSGMII, PCIe and SATA
  • Ethernet Interfaces
    • Up to five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

Accelerators and Memory Control

  • 32/64-bit DDR3L/4 SDRAM memory controller with ECC support
    • Up to 1600 MT/s
  • DPAA Incorporating acceleration for the following functions Packet parsing, classification, and distribution
    • Queue management for scheduling, packet sequencing and congestion management
    • Hardware buffer management for buffer allocation and de-allocation
    • Integrated security acceleration (SEC)
    • Signature detection (PME)

Basic Peripherals and Interconnect

  • CoreNet® platform cache
    • 256 KB shared platform cache
  • Hierarchical interconnect fabric
    • CoreNet fabric supporting coherent and non-coherent transactions with prioritization and bandwidth allocation amongst CoreNet endpoints
  • Additional peripheral interfaces two Serial ATA (SATA 2.0) controllers
    • Two high-speed USB 2.0 controllers with integrated PHYs
    • Enhanced secure digital host controller (SD/MMC/eMMC)
    • Enhanced serial peripheral interface (eSPI)
    • Two I2C controllers
    • Four UARTS
    • Integrated flash controller supporting NAND and NOR flash
  • DMA
    • Dual four channel
    • Up to 5x 1 Gbps Ethernet MACs as part of DPAA
  • QUICC Engine®
    • Support for legacy protocols TDM, HDLC, UART and ISDN
  • High-speed peripheral interfaces
    • Four PCI Express® 2.0 controllers

Additional Features

  • Support for hardware virtualization and partitioning enforcement
    • Extra privileged level for hypervisor support
  • QorIQ® trust architecture
    • Secure boot, secure debug, tamper detection, volatile key storage
  • This product is included in Our product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch

Part numbers include: T1022NSE7MQB, T1022NSE7MQPB, T1022NSE7PQB, T1022NSE7PQPB, T1022NSE7WQB, T1022NSN7MQB, T1022NSN7PQB, T1022NSN7WQB, T1022NXE7MQB, T1022NXE7PQB, T1022NXE7WQB, T1022NXN7MQB, T1022NXN7PQB, T1022NXN7WQB, T1042NSE7MQB, T1042NSE7MQPB, T1042NSE7PQB, T1042NSE7PQPB, T1042NSE7WQB, T1042NSN7MQB, T1042NSN7PQB, T1042NSN7WQB, T1042NXE7MQB, T1042NXE7PQB, T1042NXE7WQB, T1042NXN7MQB, T1042NXN7PQB, T1042NXN7WQB.

Comparison Table

T1020 T1022 T1040 T1042 T2081
CPU2 e55002 e55004 e55004 e55004 e6500 (dual-threaded)
Core Frequency1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1500-1800MHz
DDR I/F1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3/3L to 2133MT/s
Ethernet (with IEEE1588v2)8-Port GE Switch + 4x 1GE5x 1GE8-Port GE Switch + 4x 1GE5x 1GE2x 1/10GE + 6x 1GE
SERDES8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (10GHz)
Package Pin Compatible


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