QorIQ® T1040 and T1020 Multicore Communications Processors

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QorIQ T1040/20 and T1042/22 Communication Processors

QorIQ T1040/20 and T1042/22 Communication Processors


Core Complex

  • Two or four e5500 cores, built on Power Architecture technology
  • Up to 1.4 GHz with 64-bit ISA support
  • Three levels of instructions: user, supervisor, hypervisor
  • Hybrid 32-bit mode to support legacy software and transition to a 64-bit architecture
  • 256 KB backside L2 cache

Networking Elements

  • SerDes
    • Eight lanes at up to 5 Gbps
    • Supports SGMII, QSGMII, PCIe and SATA
  • Ethernet Interfaces
    • Eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switch

Accelerators and Memory Control

  • 32/64-bit DDR3L/4 SDRAM memory controller with ECC support
    • Up to 1600 MT/s
  • DPAA Incorporating acceleration for the following functions Packet parsing, classification, and distribution
    • Queue management for scheduling, packet sequencing and congestion management
    • Hardware buffer management for buffer allocation and de-allocation
    • Integrated security acceleration (SEC)
    • Signature detection (PME)
    • Up to five Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces

Basic Peripherals and Interconnect

  • CoreNet® platform cache
    • 256 KB shared platform cache
  • Hierarchical interconnect fabric
    • CoreNet fabric supporting coherent and non-coherent transactions with prioritization and bandwidth allocation amongst CoreNet endpoints
  • Additional peripheral interfaces two Serial ATA (SATA 2.0) controllers
    • Two high-speed USB 2.0 controllers with integrated PHYs
    • Enhanced secure digital host controller (SD/MMC/eMMC)
    • Enhanced serial peripheral interface (eSPI)
    • Two I²C controllers
    • Four UARTS
    • Integrated flash controller supporting NAND and NOR flash
  • DMA
    • Dual four channel
    • Up to 5x 1 Gbps Ethernet MACs as part of DPAA
  • QUICC Engine®
    • Support for legacy protocols TDM, HDLC, UART and ISDN
  • High-speed peripheral interfaces
    • Four PCI Express® 2.0 controllers

Additional Features

  • Support for hardware virtualization and partitioning enforcement
    • Extra privileged level for hypervisor support
  • QorIQ® trust architecture
    • Secure boot, secure debug, tamper detection, volatile key storage
  • This product is included in our product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch

Part numbers include: T1020NSE7MQB, T1020NSE7PQB, T1020NSE7WQB, T1020NSN7MQB, T1020NSN7PQB, T1020NSN7WQB, T1020NXE7MQB, T1040NSE7MQB, T1040NSE7PQB, T1040NSE7WQB, T1040NSN7MQB, T1040NSN7PQB, T1040NSN7WQB, T1040NXE7MQB, T1040NXN7MQB, T1040NXN7PQB.

Comparison Table

T1020 T1022 T1040 T1042 T2081
CPU2 e55002 e55004 e55004 e55004 e6500 (dual-threaded)
Core Frequency1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1200-1400MHz1500-1800MHz
DDR I/F1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3L/4 to 1600MT/s1x DDR3/3L to 2133MT/s
Ethernet (with IEEE1588v2)8-Port GE Switch + 4x 1GE5x 1GE8-Port GE Switch + 4x 1GE5x 1GE2x 1/10GE + 6x 1GE
SERDES8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (5GHz)8 lanes (10GHz)
Package Pin Compatible

We recommend the following Quad Port Gigabit Copper EEE PHY

F104S8A F104X8A
Description QSGMII PHY Standard Temperature QSGMII PHY Extended Temperature
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 - 125 -40 - 125
Package Type 12x12, QFN, 138-pin, 0.65mm pin pitch 12x12, QFN, 138-pin, 0.65mm pin pitch
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