MIMXRT1170-EVK: i.MX RT1170 Evaluation Kit


IMX RT1170-EVK Angle image
IMX RT1170-EVK Top image
IMX RT1170-EVK Front image



  • MIMXRT1170-EVK   Active

  • i.MX RT1170 Evaluation Kit
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  • RK055HDMIPI4M   Active

  • 5.5 inch 720*1280 TFT LCD display with touch sensitive overlay, 2-lane or 4-lane MIPI interface
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Design Resources

Getting Started with the i.MX RT1170 Evaluation Kit

This page will help guide you through the process of learning about your i.MX RT1170 board.

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Training and Events

In this practical webinar, Steve Mitchell and Mark Dunnett of Arrow will demonstrate how to get started with NXP’s 1 GHz i.MX RT1170 Crossover microcontroller based on ARM Cortex® M7. After a brief introduction to the new microcontroller,

In this session you will learn more about Azure RTOS, how to connect a device to the cloud, and deploy over-the-air updates leveraging the Azure IoT services.

Learn how to work with the MaaXboard RT's system-level reference design and enable it's many features including Azure RTOS, audio, display, camera, networking, and peripherals.

Design cost-optimized HMI and Advanced GUI’s for automotive and transportation applications with NXPs i.MX RT1170 MCU and Qt software development tool.

In this training, we provide an overview of the connectivity supported by the i.MX RT1170 MCU (including Gbit Ethernet with AVB and TSN, USB and CAN-FD).