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56F835X/815X Digital Signal Controller

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> 56F835X/815X Digital Signal Controller Block Diagram



  • Access up to 4 MB of off-chip program and 32 MB of data memory (56F8X57 devices)
  • Up to 60 MIPS at 60 MHz execution frequency
  • Chip select logic for glueless interface to ROM and SRAM
  • JTAG/EOnCE for unobtrusive real-time debugging
  • Four 12-bit, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)
  • Temperature sensor
  • FlexCAN (CAN version 2.0 B-compliant )
  • Two serial communication interfaces (SCIs)
  • Up to two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs)
  • Two dedicated external interrupt pins
  • Up to 76 GPIO lines
  • Integrated low-voltage interrupt module
  • Software-programmable phase lock loop

On-chip memory

  • 256 KB of program Flash
  • 16 KB of data RAM
  • 8 KB of data Flash (835X devices)
  • 4 KB of program RAM (835X devices)
  • 4 KB of program Flash
  • 16 KB of boot Flash

Part numbers include: MC56F8155VFGE, MC56F8156VFVE, MC56F8157VPYE, MC56F8355MFGE, MC56F8355VFGE, MC56F8356MFVE, MC56F8356VFVE, MC56F8357MPYE, MC56F8357VPYE.


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