MCX N Series Microcontrollers

MCX N series of highly integrated Arm Cortex-M33 microcontrollers are designed for high performance and low power consumption. MCX N includes intelligent peripherals and on-chip accelerators providing multitasking capabilities and performance efficiency. Select MCX N families include NXP's eIQ® Neutron neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning applications. The low-power cache enhances system performance, while the dual-bank flash and full ECC RAM support system safety and offer an extra layer of protection and advanced security. These secure MCUs include our EdgeLock® Secure Enclave, Core Profile offering a secure-by-design approach, secure boot with an immutable root-of-trust and hardware-accelerated cryptography.

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Key Features

Advanced Security

Our secure-by-design approach offers secure boot with an immutable root-of-trust, hardware accelerated cryptography and a built-in EdgeLock® Secure Enclave, Core Profile.

Core Performance

Powered by dual-core Arm Cortex-M33s, co-processors, accelerators and intelligent peripherals, the MCX N provides autonomous operation to reduce power consumption and latency.

MCUXpresso Developer Experience

MCUXpresso IDEs, SDK, secure provisioning and configuration tools help speed up development time with high-quality software and tools.

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MCX N Series Microcontrollers


The MCX N Series are high performance, low power microcontrollers with smart peripherals and accelerators providing a balance of performance and power consumption.

MCUXpresso Developer Experience

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