32 Bit Microcontroller

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Product Details


  • 32-bit 68000 family CPU with upward object code compatibility (CPU32)
  • Virtual memory implementation
  • Loop mode for instruction execution
  • Improved exception handling for controller applications
  • Table lookup and interpolate instruction
  • Single chip integration module (SCIM2E)
  • External bus support
  • Parallel ports option on address and data bus in single chip modes and par-tially expanded modes
  • Nine programmable chip select outputs
  • Two special emulation-specific chip select outputs
  • System protection logic
  • System clock based on slow (~32 KHz) or Fast (~4 MHz) crystal reference or external clock operation (2X)
  • Periodic interrupt timer, watchdog timer, clock monitor and bus monitor

Part numbers include: MC68F375BGMZP33.


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