Integrated Multi-Protocol Processor

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Block Diagram

Integrated Multi-Protocol Processor Block Diagram

Integrated Multi-Protocol Processor Block Diagram


  • MC68000/MC68008 Microprocessor Core
  • Efficient architecture involves a separate RISC processor for handling communications
  • Three Serial Communications Controllers (SCCs)
  • Support for HDLC/SDLC, Bisync, UART, DDCMP, and Totally Transparent protocols.
  • Two Serial Management Controllers (SMCs) for IDL and GCI Channel.
  • Available at 16, 20, 25, and 33 MHz in three different Thin Quad Flat Pack Packages.
  • Strong 3rd Party tools support.
  • ISDN equipment
  • Data Concentrators
  • Modems
  • Line Cards
  • Network Bridges
  • Gateways
  • MC68000/MC68008 Microprocessor Core (May be disabled to use the IMP as a peripheral)
  • SIB Including:
    • Independent Direct Memory Access (IDMA) Controller
    • Interrupt controller with two modes of operation
    • Parallel I/O ports, some with interrupt capability
    • On-Chip 1152-bytes of dual-port RAM
    • Three timers, with a software watchdog timer
    • Four programmable chip-select lines with wait-state logic
    • Programmable address mapping of dual-port RAM and IMP registers
  • On-Chip clock generator with an output clock signal
  • System Control
    • Bus arbitration logic with low interrupt latency support
    • System control register
    • Hardware watchdog for monitoring bus activity
    • Low power (Standby) modes
    • Disable CPU logic (M68000)
    • Freeze control for debugging selected on-chip peripherals
    • DRAM refresh controller
  • CP Including:
    • Main controller (RISC Processor)
    • Three full-duplex Serial Communication/Controllers with the following protocols:
      • HDLC/SDLC
      • Bisync
      • UART
      • DDCMP
      • Totally Transparent
      • V.110
    • Six serial DMA channels dedicated to the three SOCs
    • Capability to send/receive up to eight buffers/frames without M68000 core intervention
    • Flexible physical interface accessible by SCCs for Inter-chip Digital Link (IDL), General Circuit Interface (GCI).
    • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), and Non-multiplexed Serial Interface (NMSI) Operation.
    • Serial Communication Port (SCP) for synchronous communication.
    • Two Serial Management Controllers (SMCs) for IDL and GCI Channel.

Part numbers include: M68LC302CAF16VCT, M68LC302CAF20VCT, MC68302AG16C, MC68302AG16VC, MC68302AG20C, MC68302AG25C, MC68302AG33C, MC68302CAG16VC, MC68302CEH16C, MC68302CEH20C, MC68302CRC20C, MC68302EH16C, MC68302EH16CB1, MC68302EH20C, MC68302EH25C, MC68302EH25CB1, MC68302RC16C, MC68302RC20C, MC68LC302AF16CT, MC68LC302AF16VCT, MC68LC302AF20CT, MC68LC302AF20VCT, MC68LC302AF25CT, MC68LC302CAF16CT, MC68LC302CAF20CT.


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