S32R41 Evaluation Board

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S32R41 Evaluation Board

S32R41 Evaluation Board

Supported Devices


3.3 V / 5 V IO CAN Transceivers

Automotive Ethernet PHYs

Power Management

System Basis Chips


Processors and Microcontrollers

S32R Radar MCUs



  • S32R41 radar MPU
  • Single 12 V external power supply input with necessary EVB and MCU voltages provided by an NXP Power Management IC (PMIC) solution
  • Power supplied to the EVB via a 2.1 mm barrel style power jack; 12 V operation allows in-car use if desired
  • Central power switch and regulator status LEDs
  • Flexible MCU clocking options allow provision of an external clock via adaptor board (via MIPI-CSI0 connector) or 40 MHz EVB clock oscillator circuit. Solder pads allow selection between these external clocks.
  • Boot mode selection via switches on board


  • 64 Mb (16MB) Serial NOR Flash memory
  • 1 Kb EEPROM connected to MCU via I2C


  • Standard 20-pin ARM JTAG debug connector and 34-pin Nexus Aurora connector
  • RGMII Gb Ethernet Physical interface IC, with RJ45 connector
  • RMII / MII 100Mb Ethernet Physical interface IC with Matenet connector
  • Two high speed connectors intended for direct use with the TEF820X CAB board
  • All MCU signals readily accessible at a port-ordered group of 0.1” pitch headers
  • 2x CAN-FD interfaces
  • UART to Micro USB interface
  • 2 user switches and 4 user LEDs, freely connectable
  • 64 x 102 character LCD with DSPI interface (DSPI0)
  • User reset switch with reset status LED

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