NXP offers a diverse and differentiated product portfolio of MEMS based motion sensors to meet the expanding needs of the automotive, medical and industrial segments.

With a 30-year heritage of sensor innovation, NXP is a trusted supplier of motion sensors for automotive applications.

With the advent of IoT, NXP’s motion sensors are now at the forefront supporting new applications in metering and conservation, quantified wellness, security and surveillance, as well as other wearable and home convenience applications.

Products Product Highlights Target Applications
for Automotive Safety and Security Applications

1- and 2-axis accelerometers
Proven 30 year Heritage
High Reliability
Wide Dynamic Range
Safety Compliant
Safety Automotive Airbag Systems
Electronic Stability Control
Electronic Parking Brake
Radar Image Stabilization
for IoT/Industrial/Medical Applications

3-axis accelerometers, 3- axis accelerometers with MCU
Low Power
Low Voltage
Small Size
High Sensitivity
Fast Response time
Tamper Detection
Activity Monitoring
Connected Home
Connected Portables
Factory Automation
Reliable Security Applications
Gyroscope for IoT/Industrial/Medical Applications
3-axis gyroscope
Low Power
Fast Response time
Full Scale Range up to 4000 dps
Gyro Stabilized Compass

Please find the Sensor Developer Resources for all of NXP’s motion sensors used in IoT/Industrial/Medical Applications.

What's New


STB-CE v2.0 is now Available

Providing ‘Out of Box’ Sensor Demonstration and Evaluation of NXP’s Motion and Pressure sensors targeted towards IoT, Medical and Industrial applications.


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