CWH-CTP-CTX10-YE: QorIQ LS Processor Probe Tips for CodeWarrior TAP



CodeWarrior® Tap Probe Tip for QorIQ® LS Block Diagram

CodeWarrior<sup>&#174;</sup> Tap Probe Tip for QorIQ<sup>&#174;</sup> LS Block Diagram

CodeWarrior® TAP Introduction


Kit Contains

The CWH-CTP-CTX10-YE is a removable probe tip targeted for QorIQ LS (see Supported Devices for a complete list). This probe tip connects the QorIQ LS microprocessor target system’s JTAG port to the CodeWarrior TAP base unit’s 30-pin target connector.

This tip is compatible with the CodeWarrior TAP CWH-CTP-BASE-HE base unit. Base units do not come with a probe tip so you must have at least one of these to debug your device.

Supported Devices

  • LS1020A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1020A and 1022A Dual-Core Processors
  • LS1021A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1021A Dual-Core Communications Processor with LCD Controller
  • LS1024A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1024A Dual-Core Communications Processor
  • LS1043A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1043A and 1023A Multicore Communications Processors
  • LS1088A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1088A and 1048A Communications Processor
  • LS1046A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1046A and 1026A Multicore Communications Processors
  • LS1012A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1012A Low Power Communication Processor