Layerscape® 1021A Dual-Core Processor with LCD Controller

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Block Diagram

LS1021A Processor Block Diagram

NXP LS1021A Processor Block Diagram


Core Complex

  • Dual Arm v7 Cortex®-A7 32-bit cores, each supporting dual precision floating point and NEON SIMD module running up to 1.2 GHz
  • 32 KB instruction and data L1 cache with single bit error detection and correction, ECC protection on both instruction and data caches
  • Up to 512 KB coherent L2 cache with single bit error detection and correction, ECC protection

Networking Elements

  • SerDes 4 lanes at up to 6 GHz
    • Supports SGMII, PCIe® and SATA
    • Ethernet
  • Three virtualized enhanced triple-speed Ethernet controllers (VeTSEC) supporting SGMII (up to 2), RGMII, RMII, MII
    • Support IEEE® 1588
  • Twin PCIe Gen2 controllers
    • Supporting up to 5G/tps in 1-lane, 2-lane, or 4-lane (with a single controller)
    • MSI supported
  • Four FlexCAN controllers

Accelerators and Memory Control

  • DDR memory controller supports DDR3L and DDR4 at up to 1600 MHz
    • 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit memory supported, with ECC support
  • Security Engine (SEC5.4) features five cryptographic hardware acceleration modules, true random number generator, hashing and CRC unit

Basic Peripherals and Interconnect

  • Arm Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI400)
  • Arm AMBA 4 MPCore Virtualization
  • Integrated Flash controller supporting 16-bit interface
  • QuadSPI Flash controller
  • USB3.0 superspeed controller with integrated PHY, supporting OTG, Host and Device modes
  • USB2.0 controller supporting OTG, Host and Device modes
  • SD/MMC controller
  • SATA3 controller supporting 6G/tps
  • 3x I²C
  • 2x SPI

Additional Features

  • LCD display controller

Part numbers include: LS1021ASE7HNB, LS1021ASE7KQB, LS1021ASE7MQB, LS1021ASN7HNB, LS1021ASN7KQB, LS1021ASN7MQB, LS1021AXE7HNB, LS1021AXE7KQB, LS1021AXE7MQB, LS1021AXN7HNB, LS1021AXN7KQB, LS1021AXN7MQB.

We recommend the following Power Management IC for LS1021A Processors

Select the specifications below to find the perfect fit for your design

PMIC Part Number Description External Memory Voltage (V) Ambient Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C) Qualification Tier
MC34VR500V1ES Regulator, Buck, Quad with up to 4.5A Output and Triple User-programmable LDOs, QFN 56 1.35 -40 to 105 Industrial
MC34VR500V2ES Regulator, Buck, Quad with up to 4.5A Output and Factory programmed LDOs, QFN 56 1.35 -40 to 105 Industrial


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