Layerscape® 1021A Dual-Core Processor with LCD Controller

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Block Diagram

LS1021A Processor Block Diagram

NXP LS1021A Processor Block Diagram


Core Complex

  • Dual Arm v7 Cortex®-A7 32-bit cores, each supporting dual precision floating point and NEON SIMD module running up to 1.2 GHz
  • 32 KB instruction and data L1 cache with single bit error detection and correction, ECC protection on both instruction and data caches
  • Up to 512 KB coherent L2 cache with single bit error detection and correction, ECC protection

Networking Elements

  • SerDes 4 lanes at up to 6 GHz
    • Supports SGMII, PCIe® and SATA
    • Ethernet
  • Three virtualized enhanced triple-speed Ethernet controllers (VeTSEC) supporting SGMII (up to 2), RGMII, RMII, MII
    • Support IEEE® 1588
  • Twin PCIe Gen2 controllers
    • Supporting up to 5G/tps in 1-lane, 2-lane, or 4-lane (with a single controller)
    • MSI supported
  • Four FlexCAN controllers

Accelerators and Memory Control

  • DDR memory controller supports DDR3L and DDR4 at up to 1600 MHz
    • 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit memory supported, with ECC support
  • Security Engine (SEC5.4) features five cryptographic hardware acceleration modules, true random number generator, hashing and CRC unit

Basic Peripherals and Interconnect

  • Arm Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI400)
  • Arm AMBA 4 MPCore Virtualization
  • Integrated Flash controller supporting 16-bit interface
  • QuadSPI Flash controller
  • USB3.0 superspeed controller with integrated PHY, supporting OTG, Host and Device modes
  • USB2.0 controller supporting OTG, Host and Device modes
  • SD/MMC controller
  • SATA3 controller supporting 6G/tps
  • 3x I²C
  • 2x SPI

Additional Features

  • LCD display controller

Part numbers include: LS1021ASE7HNB, LS1021ASE7KQB, LS1021ASE7MQB, LS1021ASN7HNB, LS1021ASN7KQB, LS1021ASN7MQB, LS1021AXE7HNB, LS1021AXE7KQB, LS1021AXE7MQB, LS1021AXN7HNB, LS1021AXN7KQB, LS1021AXN7MQB.


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