Corporate Values and Employee Engagement

Having a strong foundation is key to any measure of success, and NXP’s foundation is set on its corporate values and commitment to employee engagement.

Engaging Employees Through Annual Employee Survey

To assess and improve the engagement of our employees, NXP conducts a global employee survey annually called the Winning Culture Survey. We invite NXP employees to share their views on a variety of factors including engagement, strategy, culture, leadership, innovation, collaboration, execution, accountability, work environment and support.

During the fall of 2020, we surveyed all employees with a participation rate was of 90%, whereas 83% participated in 2019 amongst only the indirect labor population.

After a thorough review of the results, the CEO and his team determine a top priority focus area for the company, including a review and discussion with members of the Board of Directors. Additionally, management levels of each organization also identify and act upon specific action plans based on the feedback and dialogue with employees.

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External Awards and Recognition

NXP is honored to have received external awards and recognition for our human capital demonstration:

  • For the second year in a row, NXP has been awarded as a 2021 Leading Employer in Austria, highlighting the fact that the company is among the top 1% of employers and number two of all Semiconductor and Electronics companies represented in the country
  • NXP received the 2019 Leading Employer Award in Germany by The Institute of Research and Data Aggregation
  • NXP was named Best Employer in the Netherlands by Randstad, an independent research firm that surveyed random people about the company for which they would most want to work
  • NXP was one of only seven companies to receive the 2020 National Industrial Relations Excellence Award in Taiwan
  • In Taiwan, NXP also received the 2020 National Charity Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • NXP was honored with the 2020 Prevention of COVID-19 Infection Award from the Department of Health in Thailand
  • In Tianjin, NXP was a recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Foreign Investment Enterprise Award from the Chinese government