Corporate Values and Team Member Engagement

Engaging Team Members Through Surveys

To assess and improve team-member engagement, NXP regularly conducts our global Winning Culture Survey. We invite NXP team members to share their feedback on a variety of factors, including engagement, strategy, culture, leadership, continuous improvement, collaboration, execution, ownership, work environment, support, and diversity, equality, and inclusion. Surveys are administered by a third party to ensure confidentiality.

Our 2022 survey solicited input from our indirect labor (IDL) team members, meaning those team members not directly involved in production of a product. The survey results showed positive momentum, with an increase in favorability to 97% when compared to responses from our previous survey cycle. Year-over-year, NXP saw improvements in 33 of the original 34 items in the survey. The third-party administrator of the survey reported that 88% of the survey items scored more positively than the 75th percentile benchmark, composed of companies operating in the technology sector. The results show that collaboration and ownership are the cornerstones of NXP’s culture and that our team members are engaged, feel pride in the company, and believe that NXP is also a great place to work:

Response Rate 89%
Engagement 85%
Great Place to Work 83%
Proud 88%
Valued 84%

Insights from our survey equip us to improve the team-member experience as well as our policies and processes. Using team-member feedback, we have created and improved company and/or country and region-specific programs and made updates to our tools and resources. This includes:

  • Focusing on Talent Growth and Development

    To lift organizational performance and engagement, we have created development programs for all team members, including the following new 2022 programs:

    • New Manager Essentials, an online, self-paced series of courses to help new managers, including manager assimilation, which features two in-person meetings with the team and a debrief with the manager.
    • NXP Manager Intensive, an in-person, three-day leadership development program that teaches managers how to effectively lead and manage their teams from within the framework of NXP's values.
    • An updated Enabling Performance process that supports everyday, spontaneous feedback.

    Take an in-depth look at the development programs we offer team members: Building Thought Leadership and Team Member Development and Growth.

  • Introducing global "Recharge Days"

    To recognize the ongoing hard work of our team members and continue to support their well-being, we introduced NXP Recharge Days, which feature no-meeting days in the days before/after company holidays to encourage NXP team members to take time off. In 2022, we selected holidays within each of our three regions, allowing for time off several times a year for our teams to rest, recharge, and refocus. The well-being of our team members remains a priority for NXP and our global Recharge Days are one of the many benefits that support the integration of work with life commitments.

Looking Ahead

NXP remains committed to actively listening to team-member feedback and we will continue to provide ways for our team members to share input on their experiences and ideas on how we improve engagement.

External Awards and Recognition

NXP is honored to have received external awards and recognition for our commitment to the development of human capital. Some of the honors received include: