As an environmentally responsible manufacturer committed to continuous improvement, we strive to optimize our use of natural resources, minimize releases to the environment, and achieve operational efficiencies.

NXP did not receive any notices of violation (NOVs) or record any significant spills, fines or sanctions for noncompliance with environmental laws or regulations in 2021.

2021 Environmental Performance

We drive continuous improvement of our processes to protect the environment by designing, implementing and maintaining a management system and programs to achieve our objectives.


Key environmental principles are embedded in our Corporate Sustainability Policy, a document signed and approved by our CEO. The Sustainability Policy is developed and deployed by the Sustainability Management team.

EHS Management Board

Supported by executives and senior leaders. Responsible for strategy, policy approval and proper sourcing.

Sustainability and EHS Leadership Team

Set strategies, develop policies and goals while monitoring metrics.

EHS Site Teams and Standards Committees

Implement strategies, policies, goals and report on metrics monthly.

Site Worker Committee

Non-EHS worker participation to identify risk, assist in incident investigation and promote awareness.


NXP's data-management system tracks and calculates our environmental performance per facility. EHS conducts a monthly validation of reported data for every facility that a) we own, rent or lease and manage, b) has 50 or more team members, and c) is in our financial reporting.

Validation consists of the following steps:

  • Check for completeness of data (locations and parameters)
  • Compare data from the previous period with data from current reporting period
  • Determine whether changes in data are significant
  • Seek explanations for any significant data changes
  • Investigate significant events to ensure reliable, accurate and complete reporting

EHS also conducts internal data audits of the manufacturing sites as well as the larger office and R&D sites. The audits check for proper reporting procedures and data trails.

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