Our environmental program helps NXP conserve vital resources and increase our efficiency. It covers a variety of topics, such as energy use, water conservation and waste management. We monitor and measure the environmental impacts of our program using a Sustainability Management System. This system tracks progress and measures how our manufacturing sites use electricity, natural gas, water, waste and other energy resources, such as fossil fuels. The relevant data from each production location is put into the corporate database on a quarterly basis.

As specified in our Sustainability Policy, NXP conserves natural resources and reduces the environmental impact of its operations. NXP has already made great strides in reducing energy and water consumption. The general environmental objectives of reducing the use of natural resources, minimizing waste and maximizing recycling opportunities have translated into several long-term objectives: by 2020 we plan to reduce our normalized electricity and water usage by 30%, and recycle 90% of waste generated based on a 2010 baseline. The Sustainability Office sets new targets annually so the 2020 goals can be achieved. Final approval of the targets and global programs is given by the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Board, comprised of executive leaders. EHS-related programs and KPIs are in place for all of our factories and metrics are reported quarterly.

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