4-Bit Multiplexed/1-Bit Latched 5-Bit I²C EEPROM DIP Switch

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Block Diagram

PCA8550 Block Diagram

PCA8550 Block Diagram


Key Features

  • 4-bit 2-to-1 multiplexer, 1-bit latch DIP switch
  • 5-bit internal non-volatile register
  • Override input forces all outputs to logic 0
  • Internal non-volatile register write/readable via I2C-bus
  • Write-protect pin enables/disables I2C writes to register
  • 2.5 V multiplexed outputs
  • 3.3 V non-multiplexed output (latched)
  • 5 V tolerant inputs
  • Useful for "jumperless" configuration of PC motherboards
  • Designed for use in Pentium Pro/Pentium II systems

Part numbers include: PCA8550D, PCA8550DB, PCA8550PW.


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