Quad Valve Controller System on Chip

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Block Diagram

MC34SB0410 Quad Valve and Pump Controller Block Diagram

MC34SB0410 Quad Valve and Pump Controller System on Chip block diagram


Supply Voltage

  • 6 V (Min), 36 V (Max)

Low Side Drivers (x4)

  • Four low side drivers regulated up to 2.25 A
  • +/-2.0% precision reachable with calibration
  • Four low side drivers PWM up to 5 kHz with a maximum current capability up to 5 A
  • All low side drivers are integrated to save PCB space

High Side Pre-Driver

  • Allows to control a motor up to 16 kHz

10-Bit ADC

  • ADC can monitor external or internal signals to enhance the control unit safety level

Embedded Supervision

  • Under-voltage, over-voltage, clock fail detection
  • Open load, short circuit, over temperature detection on each low side
  • Vds monitoring of each low side driver in real time
  • Over current and over temperature detection on the high side pre-driver

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

  • Only one SPI is needed to control the device
  • MCU sent only once the current or the duty-cycle targeted through the SPI
  • MCU does not need to generate PWM signals at high frequency

Key Features

  • Load current(IL) 2.25, 5.3 A (Typ)
  • SPI interface and input control

Part numbers include: MC34SB0410AE.


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