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eTPU Function Selector

Step 1: Select a device your application will run on along with eTPU functions to include into your eTPU function set (Click on links to learn more about each function)   Step 2: Provide us feedback
 *eTPU-equipped device:    Available code memory: 0 Bytes.  Remaining 0 Bytes.     *(required)
General Timing
General Pin Input / Output
  GPIO 216 Bytes
Pulse Width Modulation
  PWM 392 Bytes
Input Capture
  IC 304 Bytes
Output Compare
  OC 384 Bytes
Frequency and Period Measurement
  FPM 244 Bytes
Pulse / Period Accumulation
  PPA 720 Bytes
Queued Output Match
  QOM 756 Bytes
Synchronized Pulse Width Modulation
  SPWM 476 Bytes
Test - helps to test other eTPU functions
  TEST 108 Bytes
Synchronous Peripheral Interface
  SPI 428 Bytes
Universal Asynchronous Reciever / Transmitter
  UART 564 Bytes
UART with Flow Control
  UART_FC 632 Bytes
CEA709 MAC Layer - Transmitter
  CEA709_TX 2116 Bytes
CEA709 MAC Layer - Receiver
  CEA709_RX 1072 Bytes
CEA709 MAC Layer - Collision Detection
  CEA709_CD 136 Bytes
CEA709 MAC Layer - Transmit Enable
  CEA709_TXEN 80 Bytes
CEA709 MAC Layer - DMA Control
  CEA709_DMA_CONTROL 124 Bytes
Motor Control
Stepper Motor
  SM 812 Bytes
Hall Decoder
  HD 568 Bytes
Quadrature Decoder
  QD 1060 Bytes
Quadrature Decoder - Home
  QDHOME 112 Bytes
Quadrature Decoder - Index
  QDINDEX 364 Bytes
PWM - Master for DC Motors
  PWMMDC 692 Bytes
PWM - Master for AC Motors
  PWMMAC 1680 Bytes
PWM - Full Range
  PWMF 612 Bytes
PWM - Commutation Capable
  PWMC 312 Bytes
Analog Sensing for DC Motors
  ASDC 548 Bytes
Analog Sensing for AC Motors
  ASAC 1376 Bytes
Current Controller
  CC 228 Bytes
Speed Controller
  SC 736 Bytes
DC-Bus Brake Controller
  BC 436 Bytes
PMSM Vector Control
  PMSMVC 804 Bytes
ACIM V/Hz Contol
  ACIMVHZ 456 Bytes
ACIM Vector Control
  ACIMVC 1508 Bytes
Resolver Interface
  RSLV 1656 Bytes
Engine Position (CRANK)
Engine Position (CAM)
Fuel Injection
  FUEL 996 Bytes
Spark Ignition
  SPARK 824 Bytes
Knock Window
  KNOCK_WINDOW 308 Bytes
Tooth Generator
  TOOTHGEN 684 Bytes
Engine Position (Multilobe CAM)

Included Routines
(with selections made)
Global Error Routine
  GlobalError 56 Bytes
Link to four channels
  Link4 20 Bytes
Utilities (abs, saturate, sqrt, fdiv, etc.)
  mc_util 264 Bytes
Ramp algorithm
  mc_ramp 48 Bytes
PID Controller
  mc_ctrl_pid 212 Bytes
Sine and Cosine
  mc_sin 124 Bytes
Transformations (Park, Clark)
  mc_tran 104 Bytes
Ripple Elimination
  mc_elim 88 Bytes
PWM Commutation
  mc_comm 220 Bytes
Please let us know how the created eTPU function set will be used. Describe your application, list its features, mention the eTPU tasks.

Step 3:  Compile eTPU
function set
The generated eTPU code image file will be packed into a ZIP file and you will be able to download it.
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