Our vast portfolio of I2C logic products includes a selection of multiplexers and switches for connecting an upstream I2C-bus to any combination of downstream I2C buses.

Multiplexers (muxes) and switches fan the input I2C/ SMBus signals to two, four or eight downstream channels of SCx/SDx pairs. Control is performed directly through the I2C/ SMBus, so there’s no need for an additional control pin. The muxes select one downstream channel at a time; the switches can select one or more. Some devices have an external active-low hardware reset pin (RESET). If the bus locks up or communication with the controller is interrupted, the RESET pin can be used to reset the downstream channels to their default values (“not selected”). These I2C Multiplexers/Switches work with I2C interfaces for applications such as: fault isolation, address conflict, level translation or broadcast communication.

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