Performance Level Digital Signal Controllers, USB FS OTG, CAN-FD


Product Details

Block Diagram

MC56F83xxx Digital Signal Controllers Block Diagram

MC56F83xxx Digital Signal Controllers Block Diagram


Processor Complex

  • 100MHz 56800EX DSP core
  • JTAG/EOnCE debug controller


  • 128kB Flash
  • 20kB SRAM
  • 64kB Boot ROM (support I2C, SCI)

System control

  • Intermodule crossbar (support flexible connection among peripherals or GPIOs)
  • Event Generator (support and/or/nor/xor logic operation and multiple trigger modes)
  • Enhanced DMA (support minor and major loop, more flexible data transition and less CPU intervention)
  • Memory resource protection
  • LVI, POR and brownout reset
  • CRC
  • Internal and external watchdog


  • Eight channels 312ps high-resolution PWM
  • 1x Quad Timer to support four-channel capture
  • 1x Quadrature Decoder
  • 2x 32-bit PIT


  • 2x 12-bit ADC each w/ x2/4 PGA, each up to 1.6MSps sample rate
  • 2x Operational Amplifier, 8MHz GBP, support up to x16 PGA mode
  • 1x 12-bit buffered DAC
  • 4x Analog Comparator each w/ 8-bit DAC


  • 2x LPI2C, support full PMBus
  • 1x SPI
  • 2x UART


  • LQFP64
  • LQFP48
  • LQFP32
  • QFN32


  • -40 to 105°C
  • -40 to 125°C


  • MC56F81000-EVK (can connect with low-voltage FRDM-LV driver board)
  • HVP-56F81768 EVK (can connect with high-voltage HVP-MC3PH driver board)
  • Motor control and digital power reference designs
  • CodeWarrior IDE
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • GUI Config Tools (Pin, Clock, Peripherals)
  • FreeMaster debug tool
  • PEMicro Multilink and Cyclone support
  • To develop any part of 56F83xxx series with Config Tool, please use the MC56F83xxx template. These template projects are extracted from related SDK packages and contain all the necessary drivers. Config tool provides GUI interface to easily configure pins, clock, peripherals and middleware such as FreeMASTER. Follow below steps to start the development:
    1. Download and unzip the package
    2. Import the project with desired part number to CodeWarrior workspace. Suggest copying the project into workspace during the importing by checking “Copy projects into workspace” checkbox in “Import Projects” dialogue
    3. Go to the imported project folder and open the mex file with Config tool to start the development


  • IEC60730 Class-B Safety

Key Parametrics

  • Status


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