24-bit Symphony® DSP

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  • Dolby Digital
  • ProLogic II
  • Dolby Headphone (DH)
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker (DVS)
  • 1.25 V core with a 3.3 V peripheral I/O.
  • 150 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) with a 150 MHz clock at an internal logic supply (QVDDL) of 1.25V (0 deg C to 70 deg C for consumer-grade devices; -40 deg C to 85 deg C for automotive devices)
  • Object Code Compatible with the DSP56000 core with highly parallel instruction set 
  • Data ALU with a 24 x 24 bit multiplier-accumulator and a 56-bit barrel shifter. 16-bit arithmetic support
  • Program Control with position independent code support and instruction cache support
  • Six-channel DMA controller
  • Low jitter, PLL based clocking with a wide range of frequency multiplications (1 to 1024), predivider factors (1 to 32) and power saving clock divider (2i: i=0 to 7). Reduces clock noise
  • Internal address tracing support and OnCE for Hardware/Software debugging
  • JTAG port
  • Very low-power CMOS design, fully static design with operating frequencies down to DC
  • STOP and WAIT low-power standby modes
  • 4K - 6Kx24 Bit Y-Data RAM and 4Kx24 Bit Y-Data ROM.
  • 4K - 10Kx24 Bit X-Data RAM and 4Kx24 Bit X-Data ROM.
  • 20Kx24 Bit Program and Bootstrap ROM including a PROM patching mechanism.
  • 2K - 10Kx24 Bit Program RAM.
  • Various memory switches available
  • Enhanced Serial Audio Interface (ESAI): up to 4 receivers and up to 6 transmitters, leader or follower. I2S, Sony, AC97, network and other programmable protocols.
  • Enhanced Serial Audio Interface I (ESAI_1): up to 4 receivers and up to 6 transmitters, leader or follower. I2S, Sony, AC97, network and other programmable protocols. Note 80 pin package only.
  • Serial Host Interface (SHI): SPI and I2C protocols, multi controller capability in I2C mode, 10-word receive FIFO, support for 8, 16 and 24-bit words.
  • Triple Timer module (TEC).
  • Hardware Watchdog Timer.
  • Most pins of unused peripherals may be programmed as GPIO lines. Up to 47 pins can be configured as GPIO on the 80-pin package and 20 pins on the 52-pin package.

Part numbers include: DSPB56374AE, DSPB56374AFC.


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