i.MX31 Lite Development Kit

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i.MX Mature Processors


The i.MX31 SOM-LV is based on the i.MX31 multimedia applications processor running up to 532 MHz

  • LCD display connector
  • Integrated LCD, touch and backlight connector for zoom display kitsaudio
  • Stereo input and output jacks network support
  • One RJ45 Ethernet jack connector with magnetics (application/debug) PC card expansion
  • CompactFlash® type I card
  • MMC/SD card ATA support USB
  • One USB 2.0 high-speed host interface
  • One USB high-speed on-the-go device interface serial ports
  • 115.2 kbps RS-232 debug serial port Software
  • LogicLoader™ (bootloader/monitor)
  • Windows® CE 5.0 BSP
  • GNU cross development toolchain (compiler, linker, assembler, debugger) cables
  • Serial cable (null-modem)
  • Ethernet crossover cable
  • USB A to mini-B cable
  • 5 volt power supply (with Europe, Japan, UK, and US adapters) mechanical
  • 146.1 mm wide x 158.8 mm long x 17.1 mm high RoHS compliant


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