PN7160: NFC Plug and Play Controller with Integrated Firmware and NCI Interface



PN7160 Block Diagram

PN7160 Block Diagram

PN7160 Chip Image

PN7160 Chip Image

Target Applications

Comparison Table

PN7160/61 Configurations

Part Number Specification Control Interface Package
PN7160A1EV/C100 Standard Product I2C VFBGA64
PN7160A1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7160B1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7161A1EV/C100 Same as PN7160 + Apple ECP I2C VFBGA64
PN7161A1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7161B1HN/C100 HVQFN40

FAQ PN7161

  • Q: What are the features of PN7161?
    1. The PN7161 has the same features as PN7160 with Apple Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) feature supported
  • Q: How can I get access to PN7161 specific documents and SW commands?
    1. The Embedded ECP features are disabled by default, and require a special and confidential SW command available in NXP DocStore for activation. Following procedure is mandatory to get access to this confidential SW command:
      • For other applications, engage with your Apple Wallet representative
      • Get approval from Apple for using PN7161 in the application
      • Sign an NXP NDA for DocStore access
      • Create your DocStore account
      • Request the desired documents on DocStore
  • Q: Is a development kit available for the PN7161?
    1. Yes, the OM27160 with Arduino® or Raspberry Pi compatible header can be ordered
  • Q: Are general design guidelines, data sheets and app notes available to me before approval of specific Apple controlled PN7161 documents?
    1. Yes, all of the standard design principals used in the generic PN7160, also apply to the PN7161. The PN7161 includes additional content but is form, fit and functionally identical to the PN7160