NFC Plug and Play Controller with Integrated Firmware and NCI Interface

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Block Diagram

PN7160 Block Diagram

PN7160 Block Diagram


Supports All NFC Forum Modes

  • Reader/Writer mode: ISO/IEC A and B, FeliCa, MIFARE 1K, 4K, NFC Forum type 1,2,3,4,5, ISO/IEC 15693
  • Peer to Peer mode: Passive and Active, Initiator and Target
  • Card Emulation mode: NFC Forum type 3 and type 4 (A&B)

Flexible Host Interface

  • Supply voltage 1.8 or 3.3 V
  • I2C interface or SPI interface
  • NCI 2.0 compliant protocol
  • IRQ signal for improved synchronization

High-Performance NFC Controller

  • RF driver: 2.7 to 5.25V, 250 mA max
  • Receiver sensitivity 20 mVp-p
  • Fully configurable polling loop with low-power mode
  • Active load modulation and dynamic power control

Standard Packages

  • HVQFN40
  • VFBGA64

Since Android 12, P2P functionality is not included by default in the main package. Moreover this functionality has never been supported by iOS devices. P2P is slowly removed from the market. At NFC Forum, the P2P functionality is not available for the Reader device class since CR13 and NXP does not expect any significant changes on the defined functionality. For this reason NXP plans to stop the maintenance of the P2P functionality on the NFC Reader products from 2024 onwards. The existing product versions (hardware and supporting software) which include the P2P support will still be available.

The product PN7160, PN7161 is not intended and designed for applications which require EMVCo3.x analog and digital compliancy. For EMVCo3.x compliant applications, the products PN5180, PN5190 and PN7220 are recommended.

Part numbers include: PN7160A1EV, PN7160A1HN, PN7160B1EV, PN7160B1HN, PN7161A1EV, PN7161A1HN, PN7161B1EV, PN7161B1HN.

PN7160/61 Configurations

Part Number Specification Control Interface Package
PN7160A1EV/C100 Standard Product I2C VFBGA64
PN7160A1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7160B1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7161A1EV/C100 Same as PN7160 + Apple ECP I2C VFBGA64
PN7161A1HN/C100 HVQFN40
PN7161B1HN/C100 HVQFN40


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