PN7150X: High-Performance NFC Controller IC with Support for Apple Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP)



Block Diagram

Block Diagram



Target Applications

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  • Q: How can I get access to PN7150X specific documents?
    • For GymKit, Apply for an Apple MFi license and a GymKit supplement via your Apple representative
    • For other applications, engage with your Apple Wallet representative
    • Sign an NXP NDA for DocStore access
    • Create your NXP DocStore account at
    • Request the desired documents
  • Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
    • 4K units for T&R
    • 490 units for tray
  • Q: Is a development kit available for the PN7150X?
    • Yes, the OM27150ARD with Arduino® compatible header can be ordered via AVNET
  • Q: Are general design guidelines, data sheets and app notes available to me before approval of specific Apple controlled PN7150X documents?
    • Yes, all of the standard design principals used in the generic PN7150, also apply to the custom PN7150X. The PN7150X includes additional content but is form, fit and functionally identical to the PN7150