USB NFC Integrated Solution

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Block Diagram

PN533 Block diagram

PN533 Block diagram


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Design Resources

Design Files

2 design files

  • Design Files - miscellaneous

    PN531, PN532, PN533 Design-in kit

  • Design Files - miscellaneous

    Product Support Package for demokit PN533/C270


3 hardware offerings

  • 13.56 MHz Field Strength Probe
    Test Accessories and Debugger

    13.56 MHz Field Strength Probe

  • CISC NFC Xplorer
    Test Bench

    CISC NFC Xplorer

  • NFC WLC Technology Elements

    NFC WLC Technology Elements


5 software files

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    NXP Generic USB - PN533 device

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    Installer for Win7: Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) Software Development Kit (SDK) for NXP NFC IC PN531 USB/Serial, PN532 (serial), PN51x (serial): SDK_NFC_HAL_v2.2 including Source code ("C") HAL (Install shield) including MIFARE 1K and P2

  • Libraries

    Eagle parts library

  • Application Development Tools

    SCRTester including user manual

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