PN71xx product support package

  • Posted Date: 25 October 2016

The OM5577 and OM5578 demonstration kits are flexible and easy-to-use Single Board Computers (SBC) for the PN7120 and PN7150 NFC Controllers respectively. They enable the development of an NFC solution based on PN71x0 in a Linux, Android or Windows for IoT environment or even in systems based on RTOS or without OS. The different OM5577 and OM5578 kit variants contain a PN71x0 NFC Controller board and dedicated interface boards compatible with:

Raspberry Pi platform

BeagleBone Black platform

Arduino platform , enabling integration with any boards featuring Arduino compatible headers including many LPCXpresso, Kinetis and i.MX boards

Course Outline

In this session you will get and overview of the OM5577 and OM5578, and how to get started with the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and Arduino kits.

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