PN7462 Product Support Package

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

The OM27462CDK is a complete development kit enabling easy antenna design with the NFC Cockpit software and fast application development with the full NFC Forum compliant and contact software libraries.

The OM27462CDK development kit contains a PN7462 NFC controller board (PNEV7462B) with a smartcard reader and SAM slot extension, two different antennas (65 x 65 mm and 30 x 50 mm) with matching components, 3 PCBs for individual antenna matching, 10 PN7462AU samples, and a selection of NFC sample cards and tags.

What You'll Learn

Learn how to use the OM27462CDK NFC controller development kit.

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Course Outline

  • Product support package details
  • OM27462CDK development kit
  • PN7462 hardware overview
  • PN7462 SW architecture stack and SW development environment
  • PN7462 NFC Cockpit
  • OM27462CDK Ordering details