NXP in Our Community

Cooperation with Universities

NXP Semiconductors supports research activities with various universities and offers students and research workers the chance to use cutting-edge technology. The NXP Czech Republic research centers provide students of electro-technical fields with thesis assistance and also work to a limited extent with regional high schools.

Team Member Testimonials

Our people are the heart of our company. At NXP Czech Republic, we strive to create an environment where team members feel valued for their contributions and can grow their competences. Search jobs in the Czech Republic


“As a student, flexibility means a lot to me, and at NXP education is always the priority. From the hands-on experience, which every student should have, through fantastic colleagues always ready to help you, to flexible working time. Since my enrollment, I have learned many valuable skills not taught at University. Joining NXP has been one of the best decisions in my life.”


“Since joining NXP over four years ago, I still find my job very exciting. I enjoy the variability and challenge. Not one day is the same. I am also part of a team that participates in various community projects. I feel satisfaction knowing I am contributing in meaningful ways within my community, with students in local schools and by inspiring people to join the NXP family.”


“I sought a career that offered self-development and professional growth. I found it in NXP, where I began as a system application engineer then moved to software development, project management and team lead. NXP moved me to Asia to lead a passionate R&D team. I have traveled to exciting countries, met diverse, interesting colleagues, and even finished my MBA, better preparing me for future roles.”