Built on a 50-year legacy with Motorola and Philips, NXP has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations in the United States.

Team Member Testimonials

Our people are the heart of our company. At NXP United States, we strive to create an environment where team members feel valued for their contributions and can grow their competences. Search jobs in the United States

Rushik Tank

“It gives me a great sense of responsibility and excitement to know that my work helps improve the lives of other people. NXP has always encouraged new ideas, and I learn something new every day at my work which has also helped me grow in my career.”

Sarah Oncken

“I joined NXP 5 years ago. In my time here I’ve partnered with incredibly smart, driven teams, developed new areas of knowledge, and met people from all around the world. I’m proud to work for NXP.”

Viann Pham

“I look forward to work each day because of my supportive co-workers and the endless learning opportunities. Especially at such an early stage in my career, it's great to work on evolving technology, with people who are so encouraging and push me to grow by taking on challenging tasks and pursuing additional interests such as obtaining my Six Sigma Green Belt.”