NXP was founded as part of the Dutch multinational Royal Philips in 1891 and began semiconductor operations in 1953. In 2006, the company spun off from Philips to become NXP Semiconductors and merged with Freescale in 2015.

Know More About NXP in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to our global headquarters along with three additional sites and includes over 2000 employees focused on R&D, manufacturing, product development, business operations, legal and sales.

NXP international headquarters are located on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and employs over 700 personnel, more than 300 of whom focus on business operations. Security specialists within the Competence Centre for Crypto Security are focused on security innovation, hardware and software IP development and certification. Also in Eindhoven is the CTO Design Center, a center of excellence for state-of-the-art SoC integration methodologies and analog mixed signal design. The Automotive System Innovations group within the CTO office concentrates on anticipating future technology trends and driving system level automotive innovation.

Netherlands Eindhoven

NXP Nijmegen includes manufacturing, R&D, testing, technology enablement and support functions. With 1700 employees and over 50 nationalities represented, it is one of the most colorful companies of the region. Ours is one of the largest chip manufacturing plants plant in Europe with over 565k wafers produced to date.

The product diagnostic center and global NPI test center based in Nijmegen help our NPIs meet manufacturing standards and launch successfully. Product development teams for NXP smart power, drivers and energy systems, in-vehicle networking and smart antenna businesses focus on development of best-in-class solutions spanning automotive, computing, gaming, multimedia, mobile and wireless infrastructure applications.

Netherlands Lab

Our sites in Delft and Son en Breugel are home to hardware and software design teams in the areas of wireless automotive electronics such as radio, GPS, car access systems and sensor electronics. These teams also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing wireless connectivity standards like Bluetooth® Low Energy, WiFi and proprietary standards.

In 2020, NXP was listed sixth in the top 30 of research and development investments in the Netherlands, published by the ‘Technisch Weekblad ’. Worldwide, NXP spent a total of €1,466 million on R&D, 14% of which was spent in the Netherlands.