With a legacy dating back to the 1920’s in the UK, NXP operates from three sites across the United Kingdom covering product development, R&D, business operations, legal and sales. The representative markets of our activity in the UK include Automotive and IoT.

Know More About NXP in the United Kingdom

Our newest site is Glasgow, Scotland which opened in 2017, merging the longtime experience of former Freescale and NXP sites. The multidisciplinary automotive team in Glasgow develops advanced microcontroller solutions for vehicle networking, electrification and ADAS applications, supported by a large business operations team. Security is a focus for Glasgow with advanced cryptographic IP and secure OS development teams supporting products and solutions where security is a primary requirement – from autonomous cars to payment systems.

NXP in United Kingdom

Southampton is home to Automotive R&D engineers developing ICs for secure car access systems. Our engineers specialize in low power analog and mixed signal design for IC's in the car and key.

Redhill is the site of the UK branch of NXP’s global Intellectual Property Group (IP Group). The Group along with the UK patent attorneys and paralegal support staff closely cooperate with all NXP businesses and R&D and has extensive contacts with IP agents, IP offices and other governmental organizations globally.

Home-based, our Global Sales and Marketing (GSM) team comprised of Sales and Field Application Engineers covers NXP’s direct and mass market customers based in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

Team Member Testimonials

Our people are the heart of our company. At NXP United Kingdom, we strive to create an environment where team members feel valued for their contributions and can grow their competences. Search jobs in the United Kingdom


“After graduating from university, I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to follow. NXP offered a job that fit my skills and interests perfectly and which has brought new challenges my way each day. From the beginning my team has supported and trained me on our product portfolio, allowing me to be an active member of the team and get involved with our customers across Europe.”


“I joined NXP China after graduation and relocated to NXP Glasgow five years later. At NXP I have the opportunity and freedom to study and work on cutting-edge security topics, interact with leading figures in this industry, and observe and even contribute to transforming theories into products which make our lives more convenient and secure.”


“Since joining NXP in 2018, I have loved working with the constant stream of innovations that help to make the world safer, greener and more connected. Every day has new challenges whether they be technical or operational, and there’s a real team spirit in NXP if you need support. Health and well-being policies are outstanding and employees feel genuinely valued.”