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NXP started its operation in India in 1990 with a mission of making India a center of excellence in SoC Integration & IP design. Over the years, the operations have gone from strength to strength to emerge as a team of professional engineers working tirelessly to move up the value chain and become a vital part of global network of design teams which form the core of NXP business operations and it is one of the largest design centers outside of US.

The India Design Center is involved in development of semiconductor hardware and software designs for the embedded market in various application segments like Automotive, Security & Connectivity, Digital Networking and next generation technological departments.

India Design Center (IDC): Noida

NXP India has established itself as a Centre of Excellence for SoC and IP Development and is one of the largest sites in NXP Global operations.


The India team was responsible for driving and delivering on the Extreme Mobile Convergence (MXC) architecture, which has enabled our customers to make the world's first voice call on a single core. The MXC has been recognized as Best Application Processor in Microprocessor Report. Further, this design has also facilitated in making the world's first voice call on a single core. This team has been pioneer in developing cutting edge networking and application chips for system design and validation.

The automotive team created is one of the finest teams (from system IP, SoC, Slicon Validation, board design and enablement software). They also create customer solutions center where concept reference design and enablement demos were created.

Setting Trends in VLSI

The India Design Center is consistently setting trends in the VLSI arena through leading-edge process technologies, efficient design methodologies, creation of digital and mixed-signal IPs and an impressive portfolio of low-tier to high-tier processor cores—platforms like Power Architecture™ and Arm®.

India Design Center (IDC): Bangalore

The Bangalore site acts as hub for some ground-breaking innovations in the realm of Automotive, T&O, Digital Networking and Security & Connectivity with Automotive group being the key driver.

Comprehensive SoC Technology

The IDC is involved in developing SoCs supported by a comprehensive application-development toolkit for various applications:

  • Security & Connectivity
  • Automobile electronics
  • Technology & Operations
  • Sensors

The R& D India sales team extends complete technical support to various customers during development of any product or application in India. These customers encompass local, transnational, design services and contract manufacturing companies.

Sales & Technical Support

NXP India sales team caters to all companies in:

  • Automotive segment for body and engine control systems
  • Industrial segment in UPS / Inverter / Energy Meters and Motor Control
  • Telecom segment in both Wired and Wireless for base station and client applications
  • Consumer segment for appliances control and remote control

The India Sales team is also focused on providing technical support to companies doing business in India:

  • Global companies who either have set up their R&D facilities in India or who have given major projects to Indian design services companies
  • Local support for multinational contract manufacturing companies setting up huge manufacturing facilities in India to fulfill local market and export needs

India Design Center (IDC): Hyderabad

Hyderabad Software Design Center (HSDC) focuses on the Applications & Customer Solutions software development & testing as part for the Global Software Development of the Digital Networking BU.

World class production quality software developed by HSDC is used by NXP’s top tier customers in the networking & communication market space – especially in the Residential/SOHO Gateway, Enterprise, Service providers and Telecom/mobility segments on various DN SoCs such as Layerscape LS2088A, LS1088A, LS1024A, LS1012A; QorIQ T4240 etc. HSDC specializes in software leveraging various datapath acceleration technologies of DN SoCs delivering highly performance tuned networking solutions. HSDC provides active support to tier-1 customers to help them roll out end products into the market. HSDC has an automated, remotely accessible well stacked networking test lab for complex networking functionality testing and very high data throughput performance analysis.

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