i.MX 8ULP Applications Processor Family




i.MX8ULP Applications Processors Block Diagram

i.MX8ULP Applications Processors Block Diagram

The Case for FD-SOI Technology - New Products from NXP

The Case for FD-SOI Technology - New Products from NXP thumbnail

EdgeLockTM Secure Enclave

EdgeLock Secure Enclave

Building on its strong history of providing turnkey security solutions, NXP introduces the EdgeLockTM secure enclave, a pre-configured security subsystem that simplifies implementation of complex security technologies and helps designers avoid costly errors.

What's New


NXP elevates security and energy efficiency at the Edge with i.MX 8ULP and Microsoft® Azure Sphere-certified i.MX 8ULP-CS

NXP has announced the expansion of its ultra-low power crossover applications processor product line with two new families based on state-of-the-art EdgeLock™ secure enclave and innovative Energy Flex architecture.


EdgeLock secure enclave

A preconfigured, self-managed and autonomous on-die security subsystem that offers intelligent protection for Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices against attacks and threats.

Press Release

NXP unveils advanced i.MX Applications Processors with easy-to-deploy security, energy efficiency and scalability for the Industrial and IoT edge

NXP Semiconductors today announces the expansion of its EdgeVerse portfolio with its crossover applications processors.