13-Channel Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) for Ultra Low Power Application

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Block Diagram


PCA9460 Block Diagram


Four Buck Regulators

  • Two 1 A buck regulators
  • Two 1 A buck regulators with DVFS
  • Low Iq (1.5 uA at low-power mode, 5.5 uA at normal mode)

Four Linear Regulators

  • One 250 mA NMOS LDO
  • Three 250 mA PMOS LDO
  • Built-in active discharge resistor

General Features

  • 10 mA SNVS LDO
  • Flexible power ON/OFF sequence
  • Fm+ 1 MHz I2C interface
  • Output current 1 A
  • i.MX 8ULP MCU supported
  • I2C interface and input control

Four Load Switches with Active Discharge Resistor

  • 150 mohm Rdson
  • ON/OFF control in different modes
  • Configurable to LED driver with two blink patterns

Power Control IO

  • Power ON/OFF control
  • Standby/Run mode control
  • Smart DVS control

ESD Protection

  • Human body model (HBM): +/- 2000 V
  • Charged device model (CDM): +/-500 V


  • 7 x 6 Bump array, 0.4 mm pitch, WL-CSP, 2.86 mm x 2.46 mm

Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity program ensuring a stable supply of products for 10 years for your embedded designs.

Part numbers include: PCA9460AUK, PCA9460BUK, PCA9460CUK.


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