Powertrain and Engine Control

Our range of powertrain and engine management solutions enable the critical control and monitoring functions of automotive engine and transmission systems. NXP’s portfolio ranges from alternator voltage regulator control for low-side switches, H-bridge drivers, MOSFET/ IGBT pre-drivers, as well as switch and solenoid monitoring. These products offer more efficient engine management for automotive & industrial applications such as for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain and power inverter applications.

IDE Developer Studio

Developer Studio is a Windows application created to streamline the development of microcode for PSC devices.

Tracer Module

The Tracer Module is a tool that monitors the trace output from the MC33816 and PT2000 PSC devices.

Introduction to the FRDMGD31RPEVM compatible with ABB Hitachi SiC RoadPack module

Learn all about our FRDMGD31RPEVM development tool featuring the GD3100 single channel IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate drive devices.

HEV/EV Power Inverter Module for next-gen Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The EV-INVERTER reference design is a vehicle electrification complete system solution for e-mobility high-voltage traction motors.