Advanced High Voltage Isolated Gate Driver with Dynamic Gate Strength Control

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GD3162 Block Diagram

Product Details

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  • Integrated boost capability for increased drive strength: Up to 10 / 20 / 30 A source/sink current
  • Max VCC output voltage: 25 V
  • Programmable ADC delay – Up to 8 μs sampling delay from rising or falling edge of PWM


  • Integrated HV temperature sensing (TSENSE) for NTC thermistor or diode sensors with programmable offset and gain
  • Fast VCE DeSat detection and reaction time: < 1 µs (SiC)
  • Improved PWM deadtime range for reduced switching losses (SiC)
  • Programmable two-level turn off (2LTO) and soft-shutdown (SSD)
  • Provides either MCU controlled or safety logic controlled gate drive to actively discharge the DC link capacitor

Functional Safety

  • Additional programmable fault pin (INTA)
  • Integrated HV fault management (FSISO)
  • Programmable VCE output monitoring


  • Minimum common mode transient immunity (CMTI) > 100 V/ns
  • 5,000 Vrms galvanic isolation per UL1577 (planned)


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