8-bit General Purpose MP MCUs

Block Diagram

Freescale S08MP Microcontroller Block Diagram

Freescale S08MP Microcontroller Block Diagram


S08 Central Processor Unit (CPU)

  • Up to 50 MHz HCS08 CPU @ 2.7–5.5V across a temperature range of -40°C to +105°C
  • HCS08 instruction set with added BGND instruction

On-Chip Memory

  • Up to 16 KB flash read/program/erase over full operating voltage and temperature range
  • Up to 1 KB RAM
  • Security circuitry to prevent unauthorized access to RAM and flash contents

Power Saving Modes

  • Two low-power Stop modes and reduced power Wait mode
  • Peripheral clock gating can disable clocks to unused modules


  • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
    • 13 channels
    • 12-bit resolution
    • 2.5 µs conversion time
    • Automatic compare function
    • 1.7 mV/°C temperature sensor
    • Internal bandgap reference channel
    • Operation in stop 3 mode
  • 1 x 2-ch. FlexTimer + 1 x 6-ch
    • Supports up to 51.34 MHz operation
    • Selectable input capture
    • Output compare
    • Edgeor center-aligned PWM
    • Dead time insertion
    • Fault inputs
  • MTIM: simple 8-bit timer with four software-selectable clock sources and a programmable interrupt
  • 3 x high-speed analog comparators (HSACMP)
    • +ve and -ve inputs
    • Separately selectable interrupt on rising and falling comparator output
    • Filtering
    • Windowing
    • HSCMP1 and HSCMP2 outputs can be optionally routed to FTM1 modul
    • Runs in stop3
  • Programmable gain amplifier (PGA)
    • Differential programmable gain amplifier with programmable gain (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 or x32)
  • 2 x programmable delay blocks (PDB)
    • PDB1 synchronizes PWM with samples of ADC
    • PDB2 synchronizes PWM with comparing window of analog comparators
  • Independently clocked COP and cyclic redundancy check generator

Development Support

  • Single-wire background debug interface
  • Breakpoint capability
  • ICE debug module
    • Three comparators and nine trigger modes
    • Eight deep FIFO for storing change-of-flow addresses and event-only data
    • Supports both tag and force breakpoints

Product Longevity Program

Part numbers include: MC9S08MP16VLC, MC9S08MP16VLF, S9S08MP16E2MLF.


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