EMV L1 Compliant NFC Controller with NCI Interface Supporting EMV and NFC Forum Applications

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High-Performance NFC Controller

  • High-power (2W), feature-filled transmitter: DPC 2.0 (dynamic power control without processing load on host MCU)
  • Robust receiver with automatic configuration and advanced insensitivity against TFT display noise for higher RF performance
  • Full NFC front-end with active load modulation in card mode for large operating distance

Full Android Support

  • Android 13 middleware
  • Android DTE application to support EMVCo testing
  • NCI 2.2 interface

EMVCo Support

  • NCI firmware optimized for fast transaction time
  • EMVCo digital compliant middleware
  • EMVCo analog and digital compliancy
  • Secure switching between NFC Forum and EMVCo mode
  • Dedicated RF configuration for EMVCo and NFC Forum, no time consuming reconfiguration by host required
  • EMVCo polling loop can be configured to poll for FeliCa

NFC Forum Support

  • NFC Forum compliancy (CR13) in reader mode

Apple VAS SupporT

  • Optional support for Apple VAS: ECP 1.0 and ECP 2.0 (PN7221) – requires approval from Apple

Other Features

Part numbers include: PN7220EV.


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