NXP started its operation in India in 1969 with the Sales and Marketing office and further expanded from 1990 onwards into full-fledged Center of Excellence focusing on IC design, IP design, Software development, and Customer Application aspects. Today, NXP India is one of the largest design centers for NXP working on cutting edge technologies and focusing on Next-Generation products for Automotive, IoT, Industrial, and Mobile Applications. NXP India is over 2500 strong engineering team innovating passionately and is considered one of the most innovative teams globally with more than 500 US Patents in its stride as in 2020.

NXP in India overview is covered in five sections:

  • India Design Center: Noida
  • India Design Center: Bengaluru
  • India Design Center: Hyderabad
  • India Design Center: Pune
  • India Sales and Technical Support

India Design Center: Noida

NXP Design Center in Noida started operations more than 20 years back and has established itself as a Centre of Excellence for IP, SoC, Methodologies, and Software Development. It is one of the largest sites in NXP Global operations.


NXP Noida team is responsible as a lead site for designing a large portfolio of products like QorIQ and Layerscape Series for Digital Networking, S32R series for Automotive Radar Processing, S32K series for General purpose Automotive Processing, S32V series for Automotive Vision Processing and innovative designs for Multiple Sensor domains. This team works on a multitude of cutting edge technologies targeting Edge Processing and Automotive Processing. The team specializes in various domains like Design Enablement, Architecture, IP Design, SoC Design, Firmware, Software, Board Design, Technical Documentation, and Silicon Validation. This team's customer solutions center creates reference design and enablement demos.

Setting Trends in VLSI

The India Design Center sets trends in the VLSI arena through advanced process technologies, efficient design methodologies, the creation of Digital and Mixed-Signal IPs, and a portfolio of low-tier to high-tier processor cores with Arm and Power Architecture® platforms.

India Design Center: Bengaluru

NXP Bengaluru site acts as a hub of innovation in the realm of Connectivity and Security Technologies, Advanced Analog, Radio Frequency Processing with Automotive and IoT as key drivers.


NXP Bengaluru team works on multiple cutting-edge technologies targeting domains like Connectivity and Security, RF Processing, Edge Processing, and Advanced Analog. The team specializes in various domains like Design Enablement, IP Design, SoC Design, System Design, Firmware, Software, Silicon Validation, and Service Platforms..

India Design Center: Hyderabad

India Design Center at Hyderabad has Edge Processing (EP) BL's Software development and testing teams and Advanced Analog (AA) BL's Hardware design team.

Edge Processing (EP)

World class production quality software developed by HDC is used by NXP's customers in the communication and infrastructure market segments - especially Residential/SOHO, Enterprise, Service Provider, Telecom/Mobility. Performance optimized and functionally rich software developed by HDC runs on various EP-DN SoCs such as Layerscape series, QorIQ series, etc. HDC Software team specializes in various datapath acceleration technologies of Layerscape SoCs - namely FMAN, AIOP, and PFE. HDC team works closely with customers worldwide to help them take their designs into the market mass deployment - in other words – helps to convert design wins into revenue.

The center has an excellent test lab well stacked with state-of-the-art networking functionality and throughput performance testing equipment, which is remotely accessible. The team has automated the majority of these test cases to reduce manual testing time.

Advanced Analog (AA)

With the vision “Being Leaders in Automotive Ethernet” the team adds brand value to NXP. Pioneers in high-speed SerDes, Automotive Ethernet IP and Automotive Qualified IP for 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 standards. A broad portfolio of robust, flexible, and cost-effective Automotive Ethernet products that enable our end users to connect their vehicle systems faster and more efficiently is our purview.

The team has designed and delivered SoCs for the PHY family and Switch family that are highly compatible with the "Advanced Driver Assistance System" (ADAS) and comply with TSN (Time sensitive network) and ASIL-B (Automotive safety integrity level- B part of ISO26262).

Automotive SerDes (ASA) products are in the concept phase that would enhance the In-vehicle experience.

The team has expertise in Architecture, DSP, Digital Design, Digital Verification, Analog Design, AMS verification, Analog layout, PnR, Design Synthesis, Timing Closure, Physical Verification, ESD, EMC, Power Flow, Silicon Validation, DFT/DFX, Functional Safety, and Program Management.

India Design Center: Pune

The Pune site is part of the BL Connectivity and Security with a focus on end to end solution for Wireless LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity solution across all the product lines. Established in 2007, become part of NXP through the acquisition of Marvell wireless business in 2019.

Comprehensive Engineering Teams:

Providing end to end solution right from next generation standards study to customer deliverables, the team supports:

Algorithm development
Silicon design, Backend, verification and validation
Software/Firmware development
Quality Analysis

The R and D team is actively involved in supporting EMEA and Asia Pacific customers who work closely with the engineering teams in Pune to make progress on the key product launches.

India Sales and Technical Support

  • Global Sales and Marketing (GSM ) Set up in India - Overview
    • In existence in India since 1969.
    • Support structure to meet India needs
      • Sales, Business Development
      • Customer Technical support, Applications Lab
    • Three Offices: Bangalore, Delhi(NOIDA), Pune.
      • India sales (GSM ) team extends complete technical support to various customers during development of any product or application in India.
    • Customers:
      • Global Accounts, Local Mass Market Accounts, Global, and local EMS Accounts.
      • Distributor Accounts: Serving more than 1000+ End customers in India.
    • Competent distribution Channel
      • Mix of Global, Local, and Speciality distributors. 10 + cities coverage.
      • Reach To address Fragmented market
      • Technical competencies of distributors
      • Forex and Local Currency Sales
  • Our approach in India for Customer Focused Passion to Win
    • Helping Indian industry with cutting edge technology solutions in focus verticals:
      • Automotive including electric vehicles, 2 Wheelers
      • Industrial and IoT
      • Payment and Identification
      • Mobile and 5G
      • Myriad of Edge processing applications
    • Reference designs and system solutions to help companies to have a flying start.
    • All India distribution network with offices in 10+ cities.
    • Deliver the experience that that Makes a Difference to consumers.
    • Working with Indian Partners to develop local eco system.
    • Technical support via NXP’s own Field Application engineers and Distributor’s/ Partners engineering pool.
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Distributor Network

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