eIQ® OpenCV Neural Network and ML Algorithm Support


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eIQ OpenCV Neural Network and ML Algorithm Support

eIQ OpenCV Neural Network and ML Algorithm Support


  • An open-source computer vision and machine learning software library
  • Includes OpenCV DNN module for processing TensorFlow and Caffe trained neural network models
  • Includes OpenCV ML module for classical machine learning algorithms like support vector machine (SVM)
  • Uses Arm Neon SIMD architecture for processors which implement the Armv7-A or Armv7-R profile
  • Fully integrated into Yocto recipe for OpenCV 4.0 supporting i.MX 8, i.MX 6, and i.MX 7
  • Learn more about OpenCV library

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    eIQ Machine Learning Software for i.MX Linux 4.14.y

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