i.MX 7Dual Processors - Heterogeneous Processing with Dual Arm® Cortex®-A7 Cores and Cortex-M4 Core

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Block Diagram

i.MX 7Dual Processors Block Diagram

i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Block Diagram


  • Heterogeneous Multicore Processing Architecture, up to Dual Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 configuration
  • External Memory Support: DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/LPDDR3
  • Flash Memory Support: NAND (60-bit ECC), Managed NAND (eMMC, eSD)
  • Electrophoretic Display (EPD) Controller
  • Dual Gigabit ETH controllers supporting AVB
  • Parallel RGB and MIPI DSI Display Interfaces
  • Parallel and MIPI CSI Camera Interfaces
  • 256 KB SRAM
  • Quad SPI
  • Communication Ports (I2C, SAI, UART, SPI, SDIO, USB, PCIe)

i.MX 7Dual SABRE Development Board

i.MX 7Dual SABRE Development Board

NXP delivers the Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering (SABRE) board based on i.MX7Dual applications processor, utilizing both the Arm Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 cores with enhanced security and power optimization.

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