Dual-Cable Silicon Tuner

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  • Dual tuner inside one single, small sized package
    • One single RF input with direct cable connection
    • Internal splitter to drive the two integrated tuners
    • Two low IF outputs, connecting directly to demodulators
  • RF loop-through
  • Easy application for up to 6-tuner using 3 TDA18260HN
    • Dedicated multiple tuner outputs to drive additional tuners
    • No need for external active splitter
    • Same performance on all streams
  • Extended frequency coverage from 42 MHz up to 1002 MHz
  • Multistandard cable receptions
  • Enhanced filtering scheme with no external components
    • Third and fifth signal harmonics suppression
    • Optimum adjacent channel rejection
    • MoCA rejection reduces the complexity and the cost of the triplexer
  • Single 3.3 V power supply with low power consumption
  • Single crystal application for up to 6 streams, including demodulators
  • High accuracy Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
  • Dual I²C-bus provides full flexibility in programming the two streams from one SoC or independently from two SoCs

Part numbers include: TDA18260HN.


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