Digital Signal Controllers

Block Diagram

MC56F84XX Block Diagram

MC56F84XX Digital Signal Controllers Block Diagram


  • 100 MHz/100 MIPS 32-bit DSP core
  • 64 KB to 256 KB flash memory flexibility and Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller
  • Single-cycle math computations, fractional arithmetic support and parallel moves
  • Up to 24 PWM channels with input capture
  • Hi-res PWMs with 312 pico-second resolution
  • 2x 12-bit high-speed (HS) ADCs with 3.3 Msps resolution
  • 1x 16-bit ADC with 1 Msps resolution
  • 4 analog comparators with integrated 6-bit DACs speed system event identification and shutdown of the PWM outputs
  • 1 12-bit DAC with auto waveform generation
  • Various communication peripherals: 3 QSCIs; 3 QSPIs; 2 I²C/SMBus; 1 FlexCAN
  • This product is included in our product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch

Part numbers include: MC56F84441VLF, MC56F84442VLH, MC56F84451VLF, MC56F84452VLH, MC56F84462VLH, MC56F84540VLF, MC56F84543VLH, MC56F84550VLF, MC56F84553VLH, MC56F84565VLK, MC56F84567VLL, MC56F84585VLK, MC56F84587VLL, MC56F84763VLH, MC56F84766VLK, MC56F84769VLL, MC56F84783VLH, MC56F84786VLK, MC56F84789VLL.


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