Layerscape LX2160A Multicore Communications Processor



Layerscape LX2160A Block Diagram

Layerscape LX2160A Block Diagram

Target Applications


  1. 5G packet processing
  2. Network function virtualization
  3. Storage controller
  4. White box switching

Layerscape LX2 Family Members

LX2160A LX2120A LX2080A
Cores 16 12 8
L2 cache 8MB 6MB 8MB
SerDes 24
PCIe 6x Gen4
DDR 2x DDR4, 3200MT/s, 256GB capacity
Plat cache + PEB 10MB
WRIOP 130Gbps, 2x 40/50/100GE + 16x 1/2.5/10/25GE
SEC 50Gbps
DCE 100Gbps
Package 40 x 40 mm, 1517 pins

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Product Brief

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