32-Bit Microprocessor with USB On-the-Go, Ethernet, PCI, DDR2/DDR controller and Encryption

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Block Diagram

ColdFire MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram

ColdFire MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram


  • 32-bit ColdFire® V4 CPU
  • Up to 410 (Dhrystone 2.1) MIPS @ 266 Mhz
  • Supply voltage
    • 3.3-volt I/O
    • 1.8 /2.5-volt SDRAM I/
    • 1.5-volt core
  • Enhanced multiply-accumulate (eMAC) unit with four 48-bit accumulators to support 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 operations
  • Memory
    • 16 KB instruction and 16 KB data cache
    • 32 KB internal SRAM
    • Support for booting from serial peripheral interface (SPI)- compatible flash, EEPROM and FRAM devices.
  • Peripherals
    • USB 2.0 OTG controller
    • ATA controller
    • 32-bit PCI controller @ 66 MHz
    • Two 10/100 Ethernet media access controllers (MACs)
    • Hardware accelerated encryption
    • Random number generator
    • I²C bus interface
    • Four periodic interrupt timers
    • Four 32-bit timers with direct memory access (DMA) support
    • DMA-supported serial peripheral interface (DSPI)
    • Three universal asynchronous receiver/transmitters (UARTS)
    • Up to 132 general-purpose input/outputs (GPIOs)
  • Complimentary MQX Software Solutions
  • This product is included in NXP®.s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch

Part numbers include: MCF54450ACVM180, MCF54450AVM240, MCF54450CVM180, MCF54450VM240, MCF54451CVM180, MCF54451VM240, MCF54452CVP200, MCF54452CVR200, MCF54452VP266, MCF54452VR266, MCF54453CVP200, MCF54453CVR200, MCF54453VP266, MCF54453VR266, MCF54454CVP200, MCF54454CVR200, MCF54454VP266, MCF54454VR266, MCF54455CVP200, MCF54455CVR200, MCF54455VP266, MCF54455VR266.


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