MCF5445X: 32-bit Microprocessor with USB On-The-Go, Ethernet, PCI, DDR2/DDR controller and Encryption



ColdFire MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram

ColdFire MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram

ColdFire® MCF5445X Microprocessor Product Image

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF5445X Microprocessor Product Image

Key Parametrics

  • Status
    End of Life
  • Budgetary Price ($US)
  • RAM (kB)
  • GPIO
    132, 93

Comparison Table

MCF5445X Family Members

* NOTE: The SDRAM controller is capable of running at lower frequencies than some memory types support. When selecting a memory device for use with this controller, you should take into account the clock requirements for the memory along with the supported frequencies for the SDRAM controller and the resulting system frequency (SDCLK = fsys/2).

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