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Block Diagram

MPC7448 Block Diagram

Part numbers include: MC7448HX1000ND, MC7448HX1250ND, MC7448HX1267ND, MC7448HX1400ND, MC7448HX1700LD, MC7448HX600ND, MC7448THX1000ND, MC7448THX1267ND, MC7448THX1400ND, MC7448TVU1000ND, MC7448TVU1267ND, MC7448VS1400ND, MC7448VU1000LD, MC7448VU1000ND, MC7448VU1250ND, MC7448VU1267ND, MC7448VU1400ND, MC7448VU1600LD, MC7448VU1700LD, MC7448VU800ND, MC7448VU867ND.

Comparison Table

Specification Comparison

MPC7447 MPC7447A MPC7448
Reliability 10 yrs at 105°C 10 yrs at 105°C 10 yrs at 105°C
Technology 130 nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) 130 nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) 90nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
Package 360 ball HiTCE BGA RoHS-compliant 360 ball HiTCE BGA or LGA RoHS-compliant 360 ball HiTCE BGA or LGA
MPX Bus Speeds 133 and 167 MHz 133 and 167 MHz 133, 167 and 200MHz
Caches (per core) L1: 32kB I/D
L2: 512 KB
L1: 32kB I/D
L2: 512 KB
L1: 32kB I/D
L2: 1MB with ECC
Processor Single G4 P core 600-1267 MHz 2.3 MIPS/MHz Single G4 core 600-1420 MHz 2.3 MIPS/MHz Single e600 core 600MHz -1.7GHz 2.3 MIPS/MHz *
Voltage 1.1V and 1.3V 1.1V and 1.3V 1.0V to 1.3V
18.3W @1267 MHz 18.3W @1267 MHz 21W @ 1420 MHz <15W @ >1.5 GHz
8.3W @1000 MHz 8.3W @1000 MHz 9.2W @ 1167 MHz <10W @ >1.0 GHz

The e600 core is virtually identical to the G4 core, but with enhancements to L2 cache and AltiVec implementation, and it is manufactured in 90nm technology. Software written for the MPC7447 and MPC7447A will run seamlessly on the MPC7448. MPC7448 can be a pin-for-pin compatible drop-in replacement for MPC7447A.


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