Operating Characteristics

Parameter Value
No of bits
VDD [min]
VDD [max]
Over volt tolerant
No of supplies
Standby current [typ (µA)]
Max Sink Current per bit (mA)
Max Sink Current, per package (mA)
Source Current per bit (mA)
Interrupt output pin
Output mode
Internal pull-up resistor per bit (kOhm)
I2C-bus (kHz)
Footprint body and leads
Operating Temperature (°C)
No of Addresses

Quality Information

Material Declaration Safe Assure Functional Safety Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Peak Package Body Temperature (PPT) (C°) FIT MTBF IR
Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering
2.0 5.0E8 0.0
2.0 5.0E8 0.0

Shipping Information

Part Number Harmonized Tariff (US) Disclaimer

Discontinued and Replacement Part Data

Part Number / 12NC Discontinuance Notice Replacement Status