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  • PCA9674BS,118
  • No Longer Manufactured
  • REEL-Reel 13" Q1/T1Min. Package Quantity: 6000
  • 1K @ US $0.53

Operating Characteristics

Parameter Value
No of bits
VDD [min]
VDD [max]
Over volt tolerant
No of supplies
Standby current [typ (µA)]
Max Sink Current per bit (mA)
Max Sink Current, per package (mA)
Source Current per bit (mA)
Interrupt output pin
Output mode
Internal pull-up resistor per bit (kOhm)
I2C-bus (kHz)
Footprint body and leads
Operating Temperature (°C)
No of Addresses

Quality Information

Material Declaration Safe Assure Functional Safety Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Peak Package Body Temperature (PPT) (C°) FIT MTBF IR
Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering
2.0 5.0E8 0.0