H-Bridge, Brushed DC Motor Driver, 5-28 V, 5 A, 20 kHz

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Product Details

Block Diagram

NXP MC33926 Power Actuation Block Diagram

NXP MC33926 Power Actuation Block Diagram


Key Features

  • 8.0 V to 28 V Continuous Operation (Transient Operation from 5.0 V to 40 V)
  • 225 mOhm maximum RDS(ON) @ 150°C (each H-Bridge MOSFET)
  • 3.0 V and 5.0 V TTL / CMOS Logic Compatible Inputs
  • Overcurrent Limiting (Regulation) via Internal Constant-Off-Time PWM
  • Output Short Circuit Protection (Short to VPWR or Ground)
  • Temperature-Dependant Current-Limit Threshold Reduction
  • All Inputs have an Internal Source/Sink to Define the Default (Floating Input) States Sleep Mode with Current Draw < 50 µA (with Inputs Floating or Set to Match Default Logic States)

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity Program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. The MC33926 included in the 15-year program

Product Program

SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

When it comes to functional safety, NXP stands for quality and reliability. Our SafeAssure program simplifies system-level safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262.
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