32-bit Microcontrollers

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Product Details

Block Diagram

MPC563 Block Diagram

MPC563 Block Diagram


  • 512 KB of flash
  • Precise exception model
  • Floating point
  • Extensive system development support
  • On-chip watchpoints and breakpoints
  • Background debug mode (BDM)
  • IEEE®-ISTO 5001-1999 NEXUS class 3 debug interface
  • True 5-volt I/O
  • Two time processing units (TPU3) with 8 KB DPTRAM
  • 22-channel MIOS timer (MIOS14)
  • Two queued analog-to-digital converter modules (QADC64_A, QADC64_B) providing a total of 32 analog channels
  • Three TouCAN modules (TOUCAN_A, TOUCAN_B, TOUCAN_C)
  • One queued serial module with one queued SPI and two SCIs (QSMCM) 32 KB static RAM (CALRAM)

Part numbers include: MPC563CVR40, MPC563CZP40, MPC563MVR56, MPC563MVR66, MPC563MZP56, MPC563MZP66, MPCZ563MZP56, MPCZ563MZP66, SPCZ563MZP56C, SPCZ563MZP66C, SC512856MZP40, SC512856MZP56.


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